pressure pointing

Overcoming the disadvantages of hand repointing, pressure pointing is especially appropriate for water eroded joints on culverts, spillways, dams, etc. Complete infill and good compaction is achieved rapidly and consistently.

A range of pointing mortars formulated and tested to be compatible with all recognised types of pressure pointing equipment available today, as well as for use in most environments.

pressure grouting

Pressure grouting is the process of pumping a cement or chemical grout into soft or weak strata of soil or voids beneath structures that are experiencing abnormal settlement.

Both chemical and cementitious grouting is carried out by A&A Concrete Repair Ltd for filling structural voids and strengthening foundations.  We pump grout through steel pipe injectors (needles) that have been jetted or driven into the weak soil beneath a building or other structure.  This grout fills these voids, thus stabilizing and strengthening the soil. 


  • Filling voids in steel fabrications
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Infilling redundant service pipes and ducts
  • Fill voids under machine bases
  • Strengthen foundations
  • Stabilising loose fill material
  • Make good washout (masonry bridges, dams, basements, culverts etc
  • Fill gaps around service pipes, joints to segmented concrete manholes.
  • Strengthening cavity or rubble stone walling