Salisbury Road Junior School, St Judes, Plymouth

The brief

The external sills had become a Health & Safety issue owing to the construction age, most of the sills dated from the original build from c.1903 therefore most had become detached and were in danger of falling from height, areas of the schools playground had become inaccessible prior to the new install.

Our solution

Mechanically remove the sills complete and install formwork to the exact dimensions, drill and resin fix 6mm re-bar for structural integrity, and reinstate with a suitable repair mortar.

The outcome

Safeguarding under Health & Safety the well-being of the school’s occupants.

Ensuring longevity to the schools assets in relation to complete sill renewals and other remedial works.

Products used:

Sika Monotop system including 610,615,620

General building material

Date completed: October 2019