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A&A Ashton are one of the UK’s Leading Concrete Repair Firms

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Precision Drilling and Strengthening.

Old and defective structures can be strengthened by installing tie bars, anchors, dowels, remedial wall ties, etc. This is a field in which A&A Concrete Repair Ltd have considerable experience and are approved contractors for most systems including Cintec Anchors.


Drilling and Strengthening covers a range of activities including:

Over Casting  New Concrete or Repair Mortars

Installing New Tie Bars

Replacing Defective Reinforcement

Replacement of Failed Wall Ties and Fitting Extra Wall Ties

Installing Additional Reinforcement

Installation of Anchors and Dowels

Cladding With Strengthening Materials

Crack Stitching

Precision drilling & Strengthening
Defective and poor structures can be strengthened by installing; Tie bars, dowels, anchors, wall ties.


With over 30 years experience we are a leading structural repair consulting contractor for local authorities, housing associations, construction industry professionals, commercial organisations and home owners.

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