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Leak Sealing.

A specially developed extension of pressure grouting techniques provides a permanent solution to water leakage into tunnels, basements and other underground structures.

Why do you need leak sealing

Forces exerted on reinforced concrete or masonry construction buildings through initial curing, stress movement, vibration, settlement and often poor construction can lead to formation of cracks or voidage and are in need of leak sealing.

Inevitably these will lead to water penetration and the selection of the most appropriate injection resin, grout or elastomeric bandage is where our many years of leak sealing experience are crucial.

Historically the defects listed would lead to breaking out and reinstatement or at worst complete removal and reconstruction and Concrete Repair.


With over 30 years experience we are a leading structural repair consulting contractor for local authorities, housing associations, construction industry professionals, commercial organisations and home owners.

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